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Shopping By Trend is dedicated to the personalities for which is music the lifestyle and the clothing style as the way of life

  • Gothic, Punk & Emo

    Aristocratic-sophisticated fashion Gothic - style which is mostly orientated to the black colour of clothing, it´s touching medieval motives and underground elegance, boom of the gothic clothing style has come from Britain´s end of 70s, however Punk and Emo style combines the dominating black with more agile colours

  • Depeche Mode & New Wave

    Noble Depeche Mode & New Wave style is working with dominant black colour over the white. That haunting clothing style appeared at the beginning of 80s with the music groups like Depeche Mode, Visage, Soft Cell and others

  • Indie, Hipster & Alternative

    Casual but also very agile, shifty and trendy clothing style with favourite distempered, natural colours with shades of brown, dark green, rust gold and others - suitable to the musicroom, concerts, school and street

  • Street, Hip-Hop & Urban

    Typical modern urban Street, Hip Hop and Urban style, comfortable and loose clothing suitable to school but to the streets too

  • Ethnic, Tribal & Hippy

    Esoteric clothes of Ethnic, Tribal and Hippy with the darker natural colours or very expressive colours treating variety ethnic and tribal cloth printings or final designing of clothings

  • Reggae, Rasta & Ska

    Cosmopolitan celebrating of life, sun and peace is the Reggae, Rasta and Ska style in yellow-red-green colour combination, or other agile colours not for the sunny days only

  • Rock, Hard & Heavy

    Interesting and idiomatic style which uses any color and it is commonly combined denim, leather, flannel or elements of different colors

  • Retro, Old School & Vintage

    Timeless style whin is still "in" and which is still attractive to the new generations in spite of the variety of the new fashion trends, just classic Retro, Old School and Vintage

  • Modern Military

    Very distinctive, modern style with retro elements of the army - Modern Military style dedicated to the personality of distinct taste, which emphasize in detail an elaborate outfit that is trendy and in addition, the maximum operational. Color design models is strictly in shades of dark green, dark brown, khaki and black.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 529 items